A Souring IPO For Alibaba – From $68 to $93.89 per Share

“The long-awaited public market debut of the Alibaba Group, the Chinese Internet titan, did not disappoint on Friday, eclipsing every other company that has started to sell stock so far this year.

After pricing at $68 a share on Thursday night, Alibaba’s shares opened sharply higher on Friday and finished the day up 38 percent, at $93.89.

Alibaba, which raised $21.8 billion in its stock sale, instantly became one of the biggest publicly traded technology companies in the world.

Alibaba’s market value was about $168 billion. The combined market value of the other United States companies that have gone public this year is $180.5 billion, according to Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ, a research firm.”




Alibaba sells off loan business before IPO sale

In a recent filing with US regulators, Alibaba said it is selling off its small and medium enterprise (SME) loan business [Alipay] to Small and Micro Financial Services Company, in a cash deal for $518m.

The loan business spinoff eliminates a $6bn limit on Alibaba’s potential gain, if Small and Micro Financial or Alipay launches a share sale.



Alibaba Ticker Symbol (NYSE: BABA)

Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group Inc. (NYSE: BABA) made an amendment to its IPO filing . . . , announcing that it will be listing on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “BABA.”

The Alibaba IPO date could happen as soon as August: While no official announcement has been made, Aug. 8, 2014 has been pegged as a likely date for the Alibaba IPO.

The Alibaba IPO price could be a record: Many analysts have placed the Alibaba IPO price above $20 billion. . . .



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Alibaba uses partnership strategy to control board

“The Chinese company, expected to file soon for a U.S. initial public offering, wants to give a group of insiders the exclusive right to nominate a majority of the board.” “Shareholders will still be able to nominate a minority of directors, and vote on all board nominees and other major decisions.” “While Alibaba had sought to list its shares in Hong Kong, the partnership structure isn’t permitted there. After failing to persuade local officials to make an exception, the company announced its decision to go public in the U.S. in March. Ultimately, Alibaba’s rapid growth is going to draw investors no matter the objections to its control structure, said Ironfire’s Jackson.”

Excerpts from Bloomberg News http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-04/alibaba-founders-to-keep-control-with-partnership-alternative.html


Alibaba, Great Potential for Growth

“According to Bloomberg News, analysts peg Alibaba’s valuation at $168 billion, easily exceeding Amazon’s $150 billion market cap and nearly 2.5 times eBay’s $71 billion. Yahoo (YHOO), which owns a 24% interest in Alibaba”

“Despite Amazon’s frugality, Alibaba is capable of making money at even lower margins than Amazon because it enjoys several comparative advantages, for example, China’s lower labor costs and corporate income tax,” according to the Harvard Business Review. ” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/why-chinas-alibaba-has-investors-in-a-lather/


Will Alibaba’s IPO Top Agricultural Bank of China’s record $22.1 billion offering???

New Alibaba shares may help push Alibaba’s IPO beyond $20 Billion ($20,000,000,000)!  If the IPO exceeds $22.1 billion this will set a new record. “The largest IPO in the U.S. was Visa Inc. V -5.00% ‘s $19.7 billion offering in 2010.”

~ The Wall Street Journal